Colorado Aspen Gold: A Photo Collection

aspens, Colorado, fall colors

A disclaimer about this Colorado post:

It might be strange (or blogger suicidal tendencies, SEO-wise) to write about fall on the verge of spring.  Yet these photos of aspen gold, locked away on my iCloud storage, have waited patiently to make the debut here, roughly six months after I took them, and I couldn’t until September to share them.

Anyone visiting Colorado appreciates that the four seasons are well-represented, and anyone living here has their favorite.

Mt. Evans, Colorado, aspens
The winding road to Idaho Springs, below Mt. Evans
Mine happens to be fall…

…even though I can easily list the merits of the other three.  The temperatures cool down from the intense summer heat, and you truly feel a chill run through the early evenings. Elk herds sound their bugles for the coming rut, or mating time.  Spiced apple and pumpkin flavors reappear at bakeries and restaurants, along with heady dark coffee brewing.

aspens, Colorado, fall
A lean-to made of fallen aspen trunks

When the aspens shed their summer greenery and don their golden frocks at the higher elevations, it brings all of us Coloradans to the mountains.  The fall colors here don’t garner the crowds that New England and probably even the Appalachians get, but we make a good run for it.

They give me some pause and help me daydream of my preferred time of year.  I hope you simply enjoy looking at them.

aspens, Colorado, fall
The trailhead sign to our favorite secret trail (shh…don’t tell anyone)
Our favorite place to view Colorado aspen gold

There are many places to view the fall colors, and every local has their preferred spot.  Luckily, we don’t have to go very far to ours.

The road to Mt. Evans provides a seemingly endless cascading landscape of gold, tangerine and amber hues.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture that would do the scenery any kind of justice, but I will keep trying while we’re living here.

If you ever visit Colorado during this time, you won’t find any shortage of places to appreciate nature’s autumn handiwork. Here are a few other places that you can stand in awe at the colors, just as we do every year.

aspens, Colorado, fall
Sometimes, the view looking up is just as beautiful as looking across…

aspens, Colorado, fall
…Or looking down, at the impromptu carpet of leaves and grass
aspens, Colorado, fall, hiking
RAS, my constant hiking companion




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    Agness of Fit Travelling

    Autumn seems amazing in Colorado. Great pictures, Janice!

    1. Reply
      janice Post author

      Hi Agness – thank you so much! I kind of took a chance to publish these photos in spring. But I’m proud of them and wanted to show them off now and not wait until later.
      janice recently posted…Colorado Aspen Gold: A Photo CollectionMy Profile

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